Huntsville, Alabama Marketing Research Surveys

Remember the movie Back to the Future? Would you believe that movie applies to Huntsville, Alabama marketing research surveys conducted by Research Dynamics, Inc.? Well, it's true; here's how.

Marketing research is commonly used to help predict the success of a new product a company is considering offering or a new location for a business. While Research Dynamics agrees that this is a perfectly legitimate use of Huntsville, Alabama marketing research surveys, it is important to keep in mind that short of a full-fledged test marketing research project, which can cost well over $100,000, it is impossible to provide the respondent with the complete environment - price, location, competitors, etc. - in which the new product or new location will exist when it is actually introduced.

As an alternative, asking respondents about past purchase habits, preferences, influencing factors, etc. may be more useful in helping to formulate the new product or new location. Research Dynamics says this since it is more reliable to know what people have done in the past, as opposed to predicting what people in our Huntsville, Alabama marketing research surveys will do in the future.