Our Philosophy Our Approach to Conducting Marketing Research Surveys

Single-Minded Goal

Our purpose is to help you learn the answers to questions that are vital to the operation of your business or organization.

How We Achieve The Goal

We use traditional marketing research methodologies such as telephone surveys and mail surveys, with Internet-based surveys increasingly being used, bringing their own advantages of speed, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency.

Benefits To You

The ability to learn anything you want to learn from anyone: customers, prospects, suppliers, organization members, or the general public. We will tailor the survey questions to obtain the specific information you want — whether it be your company's name awareness, determining what factors influence the choice of your company's product or service, or measuring the interest in a new product or service you are considering.

The Customer

Marketing research surveys can obtain answers to questions you have of any group or market segment. However, we feel that companies and organizations especially benefit from surveying their customers. How well do you know your customers? Are there problems with your company's customer service that you don't know about? How do your customers compare your company with your competitors? What suggestions do your customers have for improving your company or organization? The bottom line: If your company or organization has a customer who purchases a product or service, you can benefit from a marketing research survey.

The Importance Of An Outside Third Party

Our role as an outside third party is especially important for surveys of what surely are your two most important constituencies: customers and employees. A customer survey or employee survey that is conducted internally is often compromised because if the survey comes from the company, customers and employees will often be reluctant to express opinions that might be associated with them by name. When we conduct a customer survey or employee survey, we send out the surveys, we receive the returned surveys, and in our introductory letter we assure recipients that their responses are confidential; as a result, we have seen some amazingly candid opinions expressed by customers and employees.