Jackson, Mississippi Marketing Research Surveys

One question we hear often in conducting our Jackson, Mississippi marketing research surveys has to do with the optimal length of a survey as conducted by Research Dynamics, Inc.

Relatively short Jackson, Mississippi surveys of 5-7 minutes in length continue to work quite well in the marketing research surveys conducted by Research Dynamics. The shorter survey length is popular with respondents, which in turn keeps respondents' attention focused for the duration of the survey, something that can have a major positive impact on the quality of information obtained in a Jackson, Mississippi marketing research survey. The efficient use of survey questions and the elimination of redundant questions results in clients being able to ask most anything they would have asked in a longer survey of 10-15 minutes, but at a lower cost and with a more attentive respondent.

When you think about it, if a Jackson, Mississippi marketing research survey is too long, respondents' attention will be lost, and their responses will be meaningless. Research Dynamics believes that maintaining the focus of respondents is one of its primary goals in conducting the survey interview, and that's why we have found surveys of 5-7 minutes work best; after all, if respondents aren't focused and paying attention as they are asked the survey interview questions, the validity of their answers, and thus the validity of the whole survey, could well be called into question.