Why Choose Research Dynamics For Your Marketing Research Survey?


When you call, you will be speaking directly with the decision maker for all aspects of your marketing research survey. Your questions, phone calls, and e-mails are encouraged, and will always be responded to promptly.

Easy-To-Understand Analysis/Reports

Sample Report
If the report of survey results that you receive is full of complicated statistics and research methodologies, often times the "big picture" is lost. Our approach is to focus on survey results for the total sample of respondents and put aside the "black box" statistical techniques that cost you money and add little to the survey results. At the same time, we feel confident that our reports are informative, well-written, and most important of all, get the answers and the information you need for your business or organization.

Business-Like Approach To Pricing

Don't let perceptions about the cost of a marketing research survey keep you from asking us for a proposal. It's amazing how many times a minor change or two to the survey questionnaire has resulted in a noticeable reduction in price.

Our Telephone Interviewers

Our telephone interviewers have been on staff an average of five years. The value this experience brings to your marketing research survey is immense; after all, if the quality of the interviews is not good, the data obtained is meaningless. Our interviewers are frequently praised for their professionalism and pleasant demeanor; these qualities are important in gaining respondent trust and cooperation that results in our learning a deeper level of information.

Length Of Time In Business

Research Dynamics has been in existence since 1992. In that time, we have been fortunate enough to work with an amazingly wide range of businesses and industries. Our experience gained from working with a varied array of clients and survey topics means that it is quite likely that we have already asked survey questions that may be applicable for your survey.