What Clients Are Saying About Research Dynamics

"We were impressed by Research Dynamics' attention to detail and the thorough manner in which the survey was conducted. Research Dynamics' service and communication were excellent. We received excellent value from Research Dynamics, in terms of what we got for the price."
Philip Hurst, Vice President
Auto Services Company, Inc.
Mountain Home, Arkansas

"Our product is a premium product and the research results helped our customers better understand why our brand is perceived as premium. Dealing with Research Dynamics was very simple. Having not commissioned research before, we had some questions about the survey process, but in one afternoon Hal Fogelman made us feel comfortable."
Mike Russell, Vice President
RusDun Farms, Inc.
Collierville, Tennessee

"The results of the needs analysis are definitely helping us redefine the Small Business Council's activities and plans. We were very impressed with the work Research Dynamics did."
Memphis Area Chamber of Commerce
Memphis, Tennessee

"The research told us things we were doing that were right and things we needed to be doing. Working with Research Dynamics could not have been better. The final report was presented on time and within budget."
Brent Hedge, President
Pest Stop, Inc.
Camden, Tennessee

"If someone needs marketing research services, Research Dynamics should be given strong consideration. Research Dynamics provides critical business information at a competitive price. I am able to deal directly with Hal Fogelman, who brings a high degree of personal involvement and personal attention to the situations we discuss."
Bob Benton, President
Benton Newton Advertising
Huntsville, Alabama

Case Studies

Yellow Cab Company

Yellow Cab Company employees and independent contractors (i.e., drivers) were surveyed in order to obtain their thoughts and opinions about their association with Yellow Cab, as well as to provide an opportunity for Yellow Cab employees and independent contractors to offer any suggestions to improve the company.

A major finding of the survey indicated that employees and independent contractors valued opportunities to discuss various job-related matters with top management. Other survey results assisted Yellow Cab in determining employees' and independent contractors' thoughts on various procedural policies, and gauged employees' and independent contractors' opinions in such areas as benefits and the relationship between company departments.

Memphis Area Chamber of Commerce

We interviewed participants in the Memphis Area Chamber of Commerce's Small Business Council, which serves small businesses through a variety of seminars, activities, and programs.

The Small Business Council was interested in learning what small business owners and operators think about the Small Business Council's various programs and activities, as well as obtaining their thoughts on how the Chamber can better address members' information and education needs.

Survey results indicated a very high level of satisfaction with the Small Business Council's current programs and assisted the Small Business Council in determining membership needs in terms of future programs, information on topics of interest, the best time of day and week to hold programs, and the most effective ways for the Small Business Council to make members aware of programs.

Conley Frog/Switch & Forge Company

We conducted two marketing research surveys for Conley Frog/Switch & Forge Company, a manufacturer of railroad trackwork products for the country's major railroads and transit systems.

One survey was a customer satisfaction survey conducted among Conley Frog/Switch & Forge customers. This survey asked customers to rate their satisfaction with various Conley Frog/Switch & Forge products and provided an opportunity for customers to offer any specific comments or suggestions they would like to bring to the attention of Conley Frog/Switch & Forge management.

The second survey consisted of interviews with companies that purchase products from both Conley Frog/Switch & Forge and its competitors, thereby enabling Conley Frog/Switch & Forge to gauge its competitive positioning within the railroad trackwork industry. Based on the results of the second survey, Conley Frog/Switch & Forge was able to determine areas in which it is seen as performing equally as well as its competitors, providing an opportunity for Conley Frog/Switch & Forge to differentiate itself from its competitors.