Jonesboro, Arkansas Marketing Research Surveys

One concept that sometimes causes Jonesboro, Arkansas marketing research surveys as conducted by Research Dynamics, Inc. to be unnecessarily expensive revolves around sample size, or the number of people interviewed in the survey.

Unlike the political polls and public opinion surveys quoted in the press that refer to sample sizes of 1,000 or more, Research Dynamics continues to recommend more appropriate sample sizes of 200-300 for most of its Jonesboro, Arkansas marketing research surveys. In most situations, the increase in accuracy gained by increasing sample size beyond 300 is quite small, yet the increase in cost can be quite substantial.

As an example, increasing the sample size in a Jonesboro, Arkansas marketing research survey by a factor of four, from 250 to 1,000, decreases the margin of error only from +/- 6 points to +/- 3 points; this is a negligible amount in terms of increased accuracy, but the sample size increase from 250 to 1,000 results in a substantially-higher project cost. With a few exceptions, Research Dynamics believes there is usually no reason to have a sample size of more than 300 respondents. Knowing this truth about sample size saves many research dollars that might have otherwise been wasted on an unnecessarily large sample size and might enable those research dollars to be used on asking an additional few survey questions.